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Your TeamWoodside online store will close either on the 15th day of the month or the last day of the month. Once closed, ALL individual orders will be automatically collected and sent to production. Champion System requires a minimum total order of 10 pieces. This minimum order requirement saves you money. TeamWoodside will use its discretion to close the online store if the 10-piece minimum requirement is reached and then reopen the online store to allow for new orders.



TeamWoodside utilizes group shipping, which is free and saves you money on your order. Orders are bundled and labeled according to individual orders. A bulk shipment goes to ONE address:

TeamWoodside Manager Becky Johnson

Woodside Bible Church

6600 Rochester Road

Troy, Michigan 48085

Telephone 248-879-8533

Email: becky@teamwoodside.org



Quoted turnaround for orders is 4-5 weeks from the TeamWoodside online store closing date.


Refund/Exchange Policy

There are no refunds or exchanges on orders as all garments are made to order and are not kept in stock. Any exceptions are at the sole discretion of Champion System.